Monday, December 01, 2008

Easton and his favorite blue bear (backup bear in case we misplace his favorite yellow bear)

Handsome little man!

Is that a tooth? Nope. Not yet! Almost though. Any day now.

Daddy and Easton in their matching shirts. Looks like Easton works for Kingsdown.

Easton and his favorite music maker...the activity table from Aunt B. He likes to play music and then dance to it by bouncing up and down. Too cute!


Anonymous said...

Easton is starting to looks like such a big boy. His face is changing and is that more hair I see? I really think the picture of he and daddy matching is so cute! We love you guys!


Jen said...

I think he looks like he belongs on the front of the Gerber jar personally! He looks like such a bundle of FUN! Always smiling--!