Saturday, November 01, 2008

OK ya'll. I promise to never, ever leave an "I went to the E.R yesterday" post up for that long again without updating. Sorry. In the last 6 weeks, I have only been at my house a total of thirteen days...most of those days I was laid out on the couch, clamping my teeth together trying not to throw up. Imagine what my house looks like. Imagine the piles of laundry and mail. Imagine how badly I need to vacuum. Don't even get me started on how badly my poor fish need their tank cleaned.
I'll try to update here as much as I can.
E.R. trip - After leaving there w/a shot of Zofran and an rx for more, I felt great. Sometimes the meds even manage to take the edge off and I actually can get through the day without feeling pukey. I have an o.b. appt w/my old dr tomorrow. I was (and still am) contemplating switching dr's but not before I go to tomorrow's appt and make my last payment from when E was born. (Hallelujah! It's about time!) And I'll also tell the dr what trouble I had w/his nurse. I think I'm gonna take my E.R. bill in and also that stupid, useless rx that nurse called in for me. Not that I expect to get reimbursed for all that but I feel all that extra money and headache and crap would have been able to be avoided if the nurse had just listened to me. But I could go on and on about that. Next topic. Expect an update about my dr's appt, sometime relatively soon. Can't promise when but hopefully tomorrow or the next day. Just don't hold me to that.

E's 1st birthday - His party in OK was so much fun! I was feeling yucky even then so I didn't get to visit with people as much as I'd have liked but it was so good to see everyone. I know, I want to see pictures. Hopefully some time before Easton is two, I'll get those pictures uploaded.

Our trip to Williamsburg - was FUN! I'm so glad I felt up to going. We saw colonial Williamsburg on E's actual birthday. We ate dinner at Chowning's Tavern and they had a magician, musicians and other people in costume there. E had some apple pie and ice cream for his first birthday dessert. I really wanted to make him a cake but that just didn't work out. But we had a good time at the tavern. Might not seem like the place for a little one but it was a very family-friendly place. Easton really liked the musicians that played music while we ate.

Halloween - Easton was a cowboy. We stayed home and handed out candy to the trick or treaters. I took pictures and hope to get those uploaded along w/his bday pictures.

Ashford University - I'm still enrolled at Ashford and taking classes online. I'm on week 3 of a 5 1/2 week long class and it has been a struggle to keep up while we were away from home but thanks to the people at the resort where we stayed, I was able to log in to a computer in the manager's office (after my laptop wouldn't cooperate) and complete my homework. A HUGE thank you to them for that. I'll really be thanking whem when I get an A in this class because I was able to complete all the assignments thanks to them.

I know I'm forgetting something but that's all I can think of for now. I'll try to get caught up on emails and pictures as soon as I can. Between housework, keeping up w/E and still feeling crappy (but better than before I went to the E.R.), I've got a TON of things to do and not enough hours in the day to do them.
Thanks for all the comments, good thoughts and emails.


Jen said...

Hey You! So glad to hear you're feeling better!! I've been worried/thinking about you a lot lately! I hope your dr. visit goes well. As you already know, I can't wait to see the pictures...but take your time...I'll still be here when you post them...even if it is a year! ha ha
(what are you taking classes for? Did I miss that somewhere?)