Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hello Blogger. I've missed you. But see, I've been horribly, awfully, disgustingly sick with morning sickness and didn't figure anyone wanted to hear about how I was so sick I went 5 straight days without showering. GROSS!
Will update this blog when I've got something other than morning sickness to talk about. When I have energy to post pictures from my latest trip to OK, gush about the gorgeous new cowboy boots I picked up in Lawton, talk about E's birthday party or anything otherwise blog-worthy.

Lord, please let this morning sickness be over soon!


M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Awww Ames! I'm so sorry you're having morning sickness!!! What a BUMMER! I hope it ends quickly for you! Are you holding up okay taking care of E while you're so sick? I hope J is able to help you out!!??
Geez I wish we were closer so I could be there for you!!
Okay, blowing kisses and sending hugs your way! Love you!

mandy said...

I know exactly how you feel. I had horrendous morning, noon, and night sickness with my twins. The doctor can prescribe you something to help, but it knocks you out. I actually learned to drive while throwing up into a plastic bag because sometimes I didn't have enough time to stop. I hope you feel better soon!