Sunday, September 07, 2008

We've had a great weekend here at the Crafty house. Friday night, we stayed home, relaxed and hung out in front of the TV. Saturday, we got up and got around and went to Edinburg, VA to the Shenandoah Vineyards Harvest festival, despite the fact that we were getting tons of rain from whichever hurricane or tropical storm was passing through. (Hanna, Isaac, I don't know.)

We got there around 2 and it was still raining lightly. The three of us bundled up in our rain jackets, grabbed an umbrella and set out for an adventure. Easton looked so cute completely covered from head to toe in one of Jason's rain jackets. We paid our admission fee and I got my hand stamped and we were on our way. Jason was on daddy/driving duty, so he opted to just let me be the one to do the wine tasting. Fine by me! :)

We found the wine tasting tent and I was glad to be out of the drizzling rain for a bit. I ended up tasting several wines I liked and marked them down on the list they gave out. Being a very casual wine drinker, I wasn't quite sure the proper way to participate in a wine tasting (and yes, there really IS a right way. Too bad I missed that little demonstration that day) but I sniffed and sampled my way through about a dozen different wines. Thankfully, each sampling was just about a mouthful or I would have been feeling pretty good by the time I got through all 12. After that, we checked out the arts and craft area inside. We ended up buying Easton one of those personalized music CDs that I always thought was a rip-off. (Funny what you do when you have a kiddo of your own. E loves Sesame Street, so mama and daddy couldn't resist. Plus, his birthday is coming up.)

Next, we went downstairs where a band was playing. We sat there for a bit and fed Easton his lunch. By this time, the rain stopped and I was SO wishing I had my camera! The vineyard looked beautiful after the rain and the mountains (the Shenandoah mountains) were topped with fog and clouds. It would have made for a gorgeous picture but I didn't want to run the risk of getting my camera wet so I left it at home. We were only gone for a few hours and Jason was glad to be home in time to watch the OU football game.

What a nice, relaxing way to spend a Saturday! Easton had a good time people-watching, mama had a good time sampling the different wines and daddy had fun watching OU on TV. Pretty nice day for everyone.

Today, we just relaxed and hung out in our pajamas until way into the afternoon. Then Jason and I got busy and organized our kitchen cabinets and baby-proofed the house a little. Easton is really on the move these days! We're going to have to order some magnetic locks for some of the cabinet doors so he can't get to the cleaners and stuff and dig out (and clean up!) the baby gate that I bought when I had a puppy years ago.

Yep, it's that time! I can't believe how quickly Easton has taken to crawling all over the house. It seemed like just yesterday I could put him down in one spot and go in the kitchen to fix his bottle then come back and he'd be in the exact same spot as when I left. NOT ANYMORE!!! Our boy is on the move! It's cute to watch him explore everything. Must have been so frustrating for him to want to go somewhere or check something out and not be able to get there.

After our organizing was done, I helped Easton fingerpaint. It was fun to do this on a day when Jason could be home to see it. Easton really got into it today. More so than ever before. He even ended up with blue paint on his nose! It was too cute. Hopefully I'll get those pictures uploaded pretty quick so ya'll can see.

Can't wait to go to Oklahoma to visit Leslie and her sweet kiddos. Can't wait to meet my newest niece! I just wish Jason could be there too but I'll take lots of pictures and email them to him so he can "meet" her too. I also can't wait to see Jenni and family and everyone back in Lawton too. Sept 20th, hurry up! Love and miss you all!


M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

What a fun time it sounds like you guys had! I love it how you just get out and do cool stuff like that (wine tasting!)
Grant has a personalized Veggie Tales CD and he LOVES it! He's surprised EVERY Time when he hears his name! ha ha
Can't wait to see you either!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Club!!