Sunday, September 28, 2008

You are eleven months old today! Right now we are in Tulsa, visiting your aunt Leslie and uncle Terry. Aunt Leslie just had a baby on Tuesday. Now you have a beautiful new cousin, baby Addy, to play with. You have been having a great time playing with your cousins Mason and Alexa. Alexa likes to copy every sound you make. You two screech at each other and she and Mason both make you laugh a lot. I love to see all of you laughing and playing together. We live so far away that these times are few and far between but it is so special when we do get together.

I can't wait for next weekend! Since we'll be visiting for a while, we're having an early birthday party for you at Nana's house next weekend. I am so happy when everyone visits and can see how much you've grown since last time we were here. And I have some special news for you, baby're going to be a big brother!!! Mama and Daddy are excited that our family is growing and I know you will be sweet to our new baby. I've watched you with your cousins and you are fascinated with new baby Addelyn. You watch her with wide-eyed fascination and I hope you'll do the same for your new baby in a few months.

You are so busy these days. There are new things to see and do every day, new foods to try (you love mama's meatloaf, lasagna and Jello cake), new sounds to make and new people to see. You want to walk so badly! Your favorite thing to do is pull up on whatever is around and just stand there, just because you can.

I can't believe you're almost a year old! WHERE did the time go?! No matter how big our family is, you'll always be mama's little sweetie boy. I love you!


M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

And what a little sweetie boy he IS! We had so much fun hanging out with you two on Monday! What a blessing to have gotten to see you a couple of times this past year!! E is such a cutie! I showed my mom the pics I took and she was smitten! I hope its not toooooo long before we get to get together again!! Love you!!