Wednesday, August 06, 2008

From our trip to Oklahoma

Big E and Little E

Nicole, Easton and his bear, Abbie

Nicole and Abbie are fantastic babysitters! Anybody in the Lawton area need a sitter? Give these two a call! Girls, wish I lived closer! Or wish I could have taken you home with me! Easton loves hanging out with you and I love knowing that he's well taken care of when he's with you two. Thanks for all your help when I was there! You spoiled us both!

"Great" and Easton

Easton, Nana and Tyson

(This was too cute! Tyson kept putting his hand on Easton' s head and trying to turn it toward the camera so I could take a picture. Funny stuff!)

Tyson, helping me feed Easton his bottle. Oh yeah, look at my new short 'do. What do you think?

Hey yo! What up?

Abbie, Ryan and Nicole. Ready for the Hannah Montana 3D concert extravaganza.

Teresa, Bonnie (expertly flipping her dough), Maggie and Ryan making their own pizzas for dinner. Boy, that was fun but next time we'll do something easier...and quicker! :)

Ryan and Easton

Nana and Easton


M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

Something about seeing your dad...brings back happy feelings and memories from my childhood. :o)
Love it--Big E and Little E. Hey, have you been watching "America's Got Talent"? There is this singer guy on there that reminds me SO MUCH of your dad!! It's the eyes!
Anyway, LOVE the YO WASSUP pic of litte E. What a dolly!! I can't WAIT to see him next month!!!

Amy said...

I haven't seen America's Got Talent. I'll have to check that out. My friends Amy and Katy think my dad looks like Sam Elliott. (Pretty cool, huh dad?)