Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You are 9 months old and I think I probably say this every month but you are SO FUN! Right now you are in your highchair eating a cheese quesadilla. You have no teeth yet, but love to gum almost anything you can get your hands on. Pizza crust, toast, crackers, love them all! You can crawl now but would much prefer to scoot on your back all over the house. You love to roll around in the living room floor and can sit up now with no problem.

You weigh 22lbs now and are 28 1/2 inches long. Everyone that meets you says you are such a big boy for 9 months old! Dr. Bott says you are healthy and tall for your age and for us to keep doing what we're doing.

A few weeks ago, we went to Oklahoma to see Pawpaw Ed in the hospital and I am so glad we got to visit him and tell him how much we love him. I took you into the room for one minute to see him and he opened his eyes and tried to wave at you. I know he was so happy to see you. Pawpaw Ed passed away a few days later and we will miss him very much. He loved you so much and talked all the time about what a good baby you are. I am so glad he got to meet you!

Great (your great grandma) loves you and says you are a "real Jim Dandy". She says she's never seen such a good baby and she's seen a lot of babies! I loved seeing her rock you, sing to you and play with you. I'm glad we got to spend some time with her for a while before we had to come back to West Virginia.

Sweetie boy, you are such a joy to be around! You are quite honestly the happiest, most laid-back, easy going baby I have ever seen and I am so proud you are mine! You love to help mama and daddy. You help get your arms in and out of your clothes, carseat and highchair straps like a big boy. I have never seen anything like it from someone so little!

You love to "dance" to music. Last night, we took you to Strasburg's town party and they had a band playing. Katy and Kris were dancing with you and you just laughed and kicked your chubby little feet and waved your arms around to the beat. It was so cute! Wish we would have had the video camera!

You love your yellow "my first teddy" bear. It is super soft and has a rattle inside and you just almost cannot sleep without it. Great bought you a satiny blankie/toy dog rattle that we thought you would love and you do like it but yellow bear is the one you love most.

I love you, my sunny, funny boy! Just being at home with you is the best place to be!


M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

What a special little guy you've got there and what a LUCKY boy he is to have you for his mama!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the finger painting pics. I don't think Grant has EVER gotten to do that! I know i did it with Brooklyn once. It was a MESS!! I have hilarious pictures to show for it! ha ha. Maybe I'll buy some next time I'm out and let them have at it. Afterall..that's what life is all about right? (not fingerpainting---but living)
Mess all cleans up.
You are every bit the amazing mommy I always knew you'd be!

Amy said...

The fingerpainting was so fun! I have the little masterpiece hanging on our fridge and it makes me happy to see it. Definitely have things ready ahead of time and put the kids straight into the tub or pool after painting though. It really saves a lot of stress on the cleanup.