Monday, July 14, 2008

No, my little devil-girl header isn't gone for good. I thought it was time for a change for a bit. She'll be back some day when I get tired of the dots. Don't expect this layout to stay the same very long. I'm so tired of the same old look but couldn't figure out how to keep the old header (devil-girl) and still have all the other things I want on my page. Expect things to be a little wonky looking around here for a bit. Boy, if I only knew someone who could give my blog a makeover for free???!!! I've spent hours on this silly thing and still don't have it the way I want. I want tabs at the top so I can add a recipes page, an about page, a books I'm reading page, a printables page (where I'll have lots of goodies for you to be able to print...labels for recycling, the coupon stacker and organizer images, etc). Keep your fingers crossed. I'll keep working on it but MAN, it is frustrating! Can anybody help me out?


Nicole said...

hey amy! sounds like ur hai nsome troubles.....that sux. i might be able to help...i dont know....i could try...... :D

Amy said...

Nicole, I would LOVE if you could help me! Only trouble is, every time I try to update anything on this blog template, I lose all my comments and things get real ugly. I have spent DAYS on this silly thing and still am not getting anywhere. I've been playing with the bubble wrap thing on the right side of my blog a lot. It's good stress relief! Can't wait to see you in October!