Monday, June 09, 2008

I almost didn't post these pictures of me and E playing in his new wading pool. YUCK! Me in a bathing suit?! But then I decided "Oh well. This IS what I look like after all." So here they are. Be nice. It takes a lot of guts to post pictures of my white, un-exercised self. But it's good motivation. It inspired me to walk/jog 2 miles (in my living room) today while Easton was taking his morning nap. :)

We had such a fun time in the new pool! Jason was taking pictures and watching us play. I think I may even be using "Easton's" pool when he's taking a nap...sure would be nice to cool my feet while I'm reading a book on the deck in the afternoon! But shhh...don't tell Easton. He was so mad when we finally got out of the pool. His feet were all waterlogged and prune-y so I knew we'd been in there quite a while. But he LOVES it! I think we'll make this something we do several times a week...maybe even every day. Plus I can take the Baby Magic out there and give him a bath at the same time and clean his toys too. It's a win/win situation.