Monday, June 16, 2008

Oh, my sunny, funny boy! You are such a joy to be around! You are such a comedian these days! You like to shake your head from side to side like you are saying "no". Thankfully this is one word you haven't learned yet though. :) You are talking up a storm these days. You keep up a running conversation with anything and anyone who will listen and love it when you get a reply. You love to blow raspberries and usually think it's the funniest thing in the world when you can get mama or daddy to blow one back at you. You smile and look very pleased with yourself when that happens. We've bought you two new things this month. (Well, not ONLY two things but two that are your favorites.) Your exersaucer is a fun one.

I'm so glad I found it at a consignment shop because it was cheaper and WAY cooler than new ones I've seen. It's a music-themed exersaucer and one of your favorite things to do is chew on the big fake microphone that says "Sing it baby!" when you pull it toward you. It is too cute! I love to see your chubby little legs under the exersaucer. That's my favorite.

You also LOVE your wading pool. I don't think we've ever spent a better $8 either. We are in it nearly every day and you have so much fun! Last night you splashed mama and daddy both! You love to get in there lay back while mama holds your head up out of the water and just splash and kick and laugh.
One of these days we are going to have to get out the video camera and tape you having fun in your pool. You sure do get mad though when "swimming" time is over. I think you'd be content to stay out there all day if we'd let you.

You've started making funny faces just to entertain us. You love to scrunch up your nose and mouth and sniff your nose and watch us laugh at you. Luckily I grabbed my camera for the show you were putting on!

What a ham!

You will turn 8 months old next week. Mama may be a little busy at that time so your 8 month letter is coming early. Your Nanny and Pawpaw are coming to visit (YAY!) and I'm glad they'll be here to see what a fun little guy you are. We can't wait to see them and I'm sure you'll be spoiled rotten while they're here. But that's OK. That's what Nanny and Pawpaw (and all your other grandparents and greats) are for, right?
I love you, my little monkey!