Monday, April 28, 2008

We've had a busy, busy few days lately! Last Thursday, Jason and I celebrated his birthday a day early. I gave him his present (a Wii) and he loved it! I also baked him a cake and decided that for my next career move I will most certainly NOT be a cake decorator! I got in too big of a hurry when I made his cake and didn't let it cool completely. BIG MISTAKE! As I was lighting the candles (30 of them!), the top layer slid off, taking the 30 burning candles with it! Jason was in the living room playing his new game and I was in the kitchen laughing and trying to slide the top of the cake back on. Jason came in to see what I was laughing about and we both cracked up at my horrible looking cake.
Here's a picture of my birthday cake decorating fiasco:

Beautiful, right? :) Yes, I DID know you were supposed to let the cake cool completely. But it was getting late and we wanted cake so I forged ahead and ended up scooping the top layer of cake off the countertop. Guess I learned my lesson. See the places with no frosting? Yeah...there was frosting there before it slid off onto the counter. :)

The next night (Jason's actual birthday) I surprised him by taking him to Sansui, a Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar. unbeknownst to Jason, I called several of our friends and arranged for them to meet us there. We had such a great time! The dinner was awesome, the show was entertaining and the company was great. Easton went with us and I was surprised he didn't get scared by all the loud noises and flames from the hibachi grill but he just watched it all very wide-eyed and quietly. Here's a picture of him at the dinner:

He was hanging on to those links of his for dear life.
Looks like he's riding the subway.

Here's two more pictures from dinner that night:

Friday, we ran errands and shopped all day. YUCK! Since Jason gets paid only once a month, we sometimes try to do all our major shopping for the month at one time. It ends up being a long day and we spend a lot of money in one day but it beats going to the store every week! Now hopefully the only things we will need the rest of this month are milk and bread. We'll see about that but that's how it's supposed to work anyway.

Saturday, we had our pictures taken at Penney's. I've been to this particular portrait studio once before and we had a good experience but this time was awful! I think a trained monkey could have done better than this particular photographer. And I know for sure that while I am no professional photographer by any means, I'm pretty sure I could have done a better job myself. Out of 24 pictures she took, only two were even just OK. We ordered them because we wanted to get 6-month pictures of Easton but I am going to call and complain about what a crappy job that woman did. I had really wanted to have pictures taken of just Jason and me, of Easton and Jason, and of Easton and me but this woman did such an awful job I just wanted it to be over with. Normally the photographer should suggest how you should pose for the picture, right? No. Jason and I ended up posing ourselves, which was weird and led to some awkward looking shots. But this woman acted like she didn't have a clue what she was doing! Oh, it made me so mad! I mean it is not easy to get us all three there and looking our best and have Easton smile for photos (well, actually almost ANYONE could make Easton smile, except for this lady!). What a disappointment! Think I'll call and have a talk with the manager today. Maybe we will get some free pictures out of the deal. Just give me a different photographer this time, OK?

Yesterday was Sunday and we spent the day cleaning and organizing our house. I made that yummy chicken, broccoli and potato dinner and we played the Wii after Easton went to bed. I never expected to like a video game so much! It was well worth the money! My favorite games we have are a shooting range game, a fishing game, pool, bowling and boxing. And I can't believe it but my arms are sore from boxing! Guess that means I need to keep doing it, huh? It sure is fun and if I can get in some exercise while I'm doing it then that makes it even better.

Today, I'm working on a meal plan for the next month and trying to set up a cleaning schedule to help things run more smoothly around here. I do so much better with a plan. Anyway, that's what's up with our family lately. No scrapbooking lately and it is driving me crazy! I have so many fun layout ideas and haven't found the time to work on them. Maybe today. :)

Here are some of my favorite photos I took recently: