Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Well we didn't win any money at poker this time but we sure had fun playing! We weren't too disappointed though because we usually come home w/some cash. Can't win 'em all, right? And it's always fun. I finally got caught up (mostly) on my laundry, dishes, etc. The living room looks great. The kitchen looks decent. Easton's room is next on the list tomorrow. And maybe our room too if I have time. We were SO busy today! I went to Michael's today w/my friend Katy. She wanted me to meet her there to get some extra pages for our scrapbooks. After that, I returned something at Petsmart, returned something at Walmart, bought groceries, Jason's b-day present (NO, I'm not telling untiil AFTER the 24th!) and also some stuff we needed around the house from Walmart. Then I went BACK to Michael's to return the scrapbook pages I bought there that were cheaper at Walmart. We also went to Circuit City, Old Navy, Ross, and Border's. Then we drove through the drive-thru at Chick-fil-a so I could FINALLY eat lunch at 3pm. Then it was time to go home. Whew! What a day! Instead of resting like I wanted to, I spent what seemed like forever on the computer getting pictures uploaded to Kodak. Look for an invite to view the new photo gallery...if you don't get one for some reason email me and I'll get it to you. This is one of the first times I have actually taken time to put titles on almost all of my pictures. Don't get too used to it though...it takes too long! :)
Maybe I'll go read for a while and finally have a chance to relax for a bit...if I can stay awake that long!