Saturday, February 23, 2008

I love ordering things online. In the past 3 days I have ordered a new printer/copier/scanner from, replacement parts for Easton's high chair from Fisher, and a camcorder from We can't wait to get a new printer! Ours died and we need it to print out some stuff so we can get our taxes done.
As for the high chair parts...Easton's high chair didn't come with the straps to buckle him in! I went online to see if we could order them and sure can. I probably could have called them and asked them to send me some for free since they didn't come with the high chair when we got it but since we didn't have the receipt I wasn't sure if that would work. It was less than 7 bucks and much less hassle to just order it.
And thanks to my parents, we were finally able to order the camcorder we wanted. (THANK YOU! Love you both.) Can't wait to get it and start recording better quality videos of my little stinker. He is so funny these days! Yesterday he discovered he can screech. He wasn't crying or fussing...just making cute, happy baby screeching noises. He kept himself awake when he should have been taking naps yesterday. At bedtime he was so tired it took about an hour of him screaming before he finally wore himself out enough to go to sleep. Thankfully today he's back to taking naps like a champ. Will post a new video as soon as I get my camcorder and have a chance to figure it out.