Friday, January 11, 2008

I finally got a new cell phone. After 6 months of hearing me nag about how my 8 and 9 buttons don't work on my phone, my sweet hubby finally got around to ordering us new phones. In his defense, we WERE under contract until recently and didn't want to have to pay for new phones but thank goodness I didn't have an emergency where I had to dial 911 because I could have only dialed 11. :) Now we're in the process of transferring all our contacts and info over to the new phones, learning how to use them, etc. *UGH!* And also I want to put a certain kid's song as the ringer for my phone and can't figure out how to do it. It's a song no one has heard of so it's not like I can just go online and download it to my phone. I thought about upoloading the song to my computer and somehow connecting my phone to the computer and uploading from there. I think you can do that with Bluetooth but I don't have that so I'm not sure how it would work. And speaking of downloading, I haven't had much success with that lately. I went online to try to download just a couple things to my phone (one ringtone and a wallpaper graphic) and it didn't work. So I called tech support to make sure I didn't get charged for them because I didn't receive them. Supposedly I didn't, but I'll wait until the bill comes and see if that's true. If I get billed for something I never got, Chris at AT&T Tech Support is in big trouble! :) What a pain. Guess I should just leave my phone alone and not put anything on it but that is BORING! I? Anybody have any suggestions? Or know someone who would be able to tell me?