Thursday, December 27, 2007

When my mom and Bonnie and Ryan were here we had the kids' pictures taken with Santa. Well let me tell ya what happened just BEFORE the picture with Santa. We got to Santa right before it was time for him to go home for the night. We got in line and sure enough...Easton had a dirty diaper. Well, I didn't want Santa to have to hold a stinky baby on his lap (Aren't I nice?), so I decided to change him quickly while we were waiting our turn.

The only place available was a nearby bench, so I was glad I had a changing pad with me. I laid it out, got him undressed and undiapered, reached for the wipes and OH NO! Only one wipe left for a very dirty diaper. Well, we managed but in the process Easton decides to do what little boys sometimes do when they're being changed...he peed. Not only did he pee on his new, clean diaper but also ON THE BENCH! Oh crap! I had no more wipes, no napkins or anything. And to top things off, Santa was waiting. I prayed no one was looking as I did the best I could and cleaned it up with one of the diapers I was about to throw away. I got Easton dressed and we had our picture made w/Santa.

Fabulous. My child is not even 2 months old and already he's defacing public property. Boy, I'm in for it! hehe Is it just me or does he look a little worried in this picture? Maybe he's worried Santa will find out he peed on the bench and not bring him any presents. :)