Saturday, December 15, 2007

What a day, what a day! We had bad weather so no class today but Easton's having one of those days where he cries if I'm not holding him every minute of the day. These kinds of days are exhausting for us both. He fell asleep while I was feeding him earlier so I put him in his bed for a nap. That lasted exactly two minutes until he realized I was no longer holding him and he started screaming. I picked him up, rocked him and soothed him back to sleep and then put him back in his crib. Again...once he realized I was not holding him anymore, he started screaming again. This time I tried just talking to him in a quiet, soothing voice and patting him. No way. Not working. He screamed louder and louder until I finally picked him up. Within one minute of being in my arms he was back asleep and snoring. I put him down again and decided that if he cried this time he could just cry for a while. I made sure he had a dry diaper and enough covers, put him in his crib and waited. Sure enough.....WWAAAHHHH!!!!

I don't know who is more frustrated right now, me or Easton. I would love to try to get him on some sort of a schedule so I could actually get some stuff done around the house. As it is, I never know if he'll sleep for an hour and a half like he did yesterday or two minutes and wake up screaming because I'm not holding him. But so far the schedule thing is NOT working. The only way he will sleep is in our bed which I was adamantly against but eventually resorted to because it is the only way I can get some sleep. Every night he starts out in his crib but every night I give in and bring him to our bed because he wakes up every 20 minutes or so. After about 5 or 6 times of this, I give up and put him in our bed and he sleeps for 4 hours straight. I DO NOT want him sleeping in our bed any more but if I try to just let him cry and see if he goes back to sleep then he just cries and cries and cries! I think he cried for 35-40 minutes one night until I finally couldn't stand to hear him cry any more.

And to top it all off, I need to do dishes and laundry, figure out something for dinner, buy a present for the gift exchange for the party tonight then come home and get myself and Easton ready for the party all in time to be there on time at 7:30. Yeah. I think that’s not gonna happen. Dishes and laundry will have to wait until tomorrow and dinner may be a frozen pizza. Not that there’s anything wrong with frozen pizza but I really wanted to figure out something a little better.

Easton is finally sleeping and I was able to jump in the shower for 5 minutes to myself. We’ll see how long he sleeps this time. Hopefully I can get some stuff done. Wish me luck!

Uh. No go. There he goes again. (Sigh!) Any suggestions?