Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm back! :) Want to know the rest of the story? Here's how Easton came into this world.

(This is in 2 parts. The first part is what happened the day before Easton was born and the 2nd part is what I told Jason to write down while I was in the hospital. I wanted to make sure we didn't forget anything so I could put it all in Easton's baby book.)

Saturday: Dad and Tina were here (YAY!) and we ate breakfast, got cleaned up and went for a drive. We drove down part of Skyline Drive to show off the beautiful scenery and fall leaves there. The Skyline Drive runs 105 miles north and south along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park. (Yes, I copied that from the SNP's website.) It is a beautiful drive and we knew it would be a nice easy way to see the sights without being a lot of walking or anything too strenuous for me. There are many lookout points along the drive and so we got out quite a few times to take some pictures. At one of the stops, I decided it would be a good idea to sit on this huge rock so Jason and I could have our picture taken.

Here's the picture:

I don't think anyone really thought it was a great idea for me to be climbing around on these huge rocks, but I wanted my picture taken! :) And it's not like I was rock climbing all day...just this one time. And I'm glad I did. Because who knows? Maybe that's why I went into labor that next morning. After the drive, we ate dinner at the Cork Street Tavern and went home and crashed on the couch for a while.

And this next part is written to Easton from dad with a little help from mom:

Mom was feeding Pumpkin and Patches at about 8:15 on Sunday morning when her water broke. She came in to wake me up and said "Good morning! I think we're going to have a baby today!" Mom was not having any contractions so she took a shower and got dressed. Dad took a shower too and Pawpaw David and Tina helped us gather our packed bags to get ready to go to the hospital. Pawpaw David helped Dad buckle your carseat into the Malibu and they followed us in their rental car into Winchester. We stopped to get a DSL cable at Dad's work, Kingsdown. We gave Pawpaw and Tina a tour of the plant and then drove to the hospital.
When we got there, nurse Crissy checked Mom and said "Yep. Your water broke. You are not leaving until you have your baby." They admitted Mom to labor and delivery at 11:15. Mom was hungry when we got there but knew she couldn't eat anything until after you were born so she said "We should have stopped at Cracker Barrel." :) Luckily, Dr. Leonard was on call. Mom likes him and is glad he'll be the one to deliver you. The nurses got mom settled into her room and hooked up to the monitors.

By 2:30, Mom wasn't having very strong contractions, so she was put on pitocin to help move things along. The dosage was increased every 30 minutes. At about 3:30 we started playing cards to pass the time. We played Skipbo and Dad won a game and Mom won a game. The pitocin really started to make Mom's contractions stronger and stronger and by about 6:00, the nurses gave Mom some pain medicine in her I.V. so she could get some rest.
By about 9:30, the contractions were coming every 2 minutes and were very strong. Mom was doing her breathing exercises and trying to watch TV and talk to Pawpaw David and Tina between contractions. Dr. Leonard came in and checked Mom and you still were not ready. He said "I think this baby's too big" and suggested a c-section. We agreed and they prepped us for surgery.
We went into the delivery room and you were born at 10:23. You weighed 7lbs 15 ozs and were 21 1/2 inches long. We were so happy to finally meet you! We called everyone we could think of and let them know all about you. Mom was admitted to the Mother/Baby unit and you were taken to the nursery to be cleaned up and checked. Over the next few days, Mom rests and learns how to feed you. We have lots of visitors and take a lot of pictures. You are so cute! We can't wait to take you home with us. We love you, baby boy!