Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I had another dr's appt today and he said everything looks A-OK. I gained 3 lbs (in 2 weeks), my blood pressure was perfect, and he told me my ankles look great for a pregnant woman. I never thought that would be something I'd be proud of...someone complimenting my ankles! :)
I did talk to him about my back pain. I told him that I expected to have back pain. Maybe even a LOT of back pain. But I did not expect to not be able to put all of my weight on my left foot and severe shooting pain from my lower back all the way down to my feet every time I even think about moving. He said just what I feared he'd say "Well, unfortunately there's not much I can do for you." I knew this already but I cried anyway because I am just so miserable and have been for the last 3 weeks. This sucks! Somehow I know it will be worth it in the end but I am ready for the end!
Glad to have people coming to visit though. Dad and Tina, Mom (and Mike or Bonnie? I forgot to ask), and Teresa, Kyle, Leslie and the kids. I can't wait! Hopefully the baby will come when SOMEONE is here to see it! :) Love you all and can't wait to see you and show you around as much as I can or tell you how to get to all the cool things to see and do if I'm not up to it.
Anybody else want to come?