Saturday, July 28, 2007

Our new guest bedroom/office. Now this is a place we use every day. I don't know if you can tell from the picture that the walls are pale purple. It's so pale it actually looks light tan or cream colored during the day and darkens to a pretty dark purple shade at night. I really love the way this room turned out.
The cats and I think the bed is the perfect place to catnap. (That's Patches in the picture.) It's a good reading spot too. When this was just our guest room, we kept Grandma's quilt on the bed and the door shut to keep the cats off the bed. Now we have the quilt on the wall (we have one grandma's quilt up for a few months and then we change so they both get equal time to be shown off.) and an old blanket on the bed. The cats love that they have a new place to sleep (and shed!) and I love that I have a new favorite spot to read.
The new "computer desk" is our old dining room table. It's a perfect place to pay bills or do my homework. Now we can actually spread out and have room to work. We're going to hang the gun cabinet Jason made above the computer desk but we'll have to have someone come over and help because I don't think we can lift that big heavy thing by ourselves. It's huge! I wish we had a game room / pool table / poker room to hang it in but since we don't, it looks like the office is the next best thing.