Sunday, April 01, 2007

Feeling guilty. Not only did I forget to call my sister B on her birthday (yesterday) and not only did I not call my niece on HER birthday (day before yesterday) but I also have not sent B's Christmas and birthday presents to her. I've had them since NOVEMBER! And her kids' presents? Yep. Had them that long too.

Also I have not sent out that picture of me on the front page of the paper. You did not know I was on the front page of the paper, did you? Why? Because I bought 10 copies to mail to people I know and promptly put them on my kitchen counter where they've sat for the past MONTH! Yes, I was on the cover of the Winchester Star Newspaper on March 1st. It was the first nice weather of the year and my co-teacher and I took the kids for a walk outside and a reporter thought we'd make a good front page picture.
So, yes I will get off my butt and send out these 10 pictures finally. Some time.

And finally, take a look at the time stamp of this post. What am I doing awake at this insane hour? Thanks to my now incredibly small bladder, I woke up to pee at 1am and now have been awake ever since. Does this somehow prepare you for getting no sleep once the baby gets here? I doubt it. But whatever the reason, it really kindof ticks me off. I do love my sleep. Guess I'd better kiss that notion goodbye.