Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Computer problems strike again! I don't know what was up with our computer but I'm glad to be able to blog again. Not that I've done anything too exciting lately. My life has just been a repeat of this: work, come home, eat dinner, sit on the couch, go to bed early because I'm still just so TIRED! Even that is gradually getting better though. Now I'm able to stay up until 9 or so instead of going to bed at 7:30. :)

I bought some maternity clothes this past weekend. Kohl's was having a great sale and I bought several pairs of pants and capris for $6-10 a piece. Then I went to work on Monday and the mom of one of the kids in my class brought me in 3 huge bags of maternity clothes she was going to sell in a yard sale. She said she'd rather give them to me and see me get some good out of them than mess with selling them and probably not even sell 1/2 of them. I was amazed! There were over 70 things in those 3 bags of clothes! Add that to the few things I bought and some clothes that a coworker let me borrow and suddenly I have more maternity clothes than I do regular-sized clothes!

Gotta cut this short and get to work. Let's hope my computer stays acting normal!