Saturday, January 27, 2007

Things that bug me...(in no particular order)

  • Weather-(not that I can change this one) 17 degrees yesterday and 50 today. How am I supposed to know how to dress? Yes, I watch the weather channel, but it is no wonder everyone's getting sick lately! (Not me, thankfully. Knock on wood.)
  • Basketball-that a basket is called a field goal. Field goals are in football. Why this annoys me is beyond me. Probably because I know very little about football and I don't need any terms that could be confused with another sport. Give me a break here folks.
  • Co-workers-one in particular that refers to certain parts of the brain as "dendricles and neons". What the?! I think you may have injured your dendrites and/or neurons if you think this is what they're called.
  • Parents (no not mine)-those who complain that their children are not learning much in my class. The very same children who tell me they do not have an ABC puzzle at home and that their parents don't talk to them about the things we talk about in school. These same parents would rather play video games with their kids than be involved with their learning. And they're too busy with their own social lives to help them learn anything.

Things I'm thankful for...(also in no particular order)

  • My sweet husband-boy, am I lucky and don't think I don't know it. (Shh...don't tell him. Wouldn't want him to get a big head or anything. I tell him enough.) :)
  • My house-I LOVE this house, but I wonder how much it would cost to upgrade our tub and shower. They're the only things in our house that are just too small!
  • My job-Finally, a job that I love and 12 sweet little faces I get to see every day. And I love the parents of (most of) those kids who tell me how glad they are that I'm there teaching their kids. Even the not-so-involved parents are at least glad I'm there. And I am too.