Monday, December 11, 2006

What a good night! We had our Christmas party for work tonight and we got to find out who our secret santas were. Well, I accidentally found out who mine was early, but I pretended to be suprised anyway. I got some GREAT gifts! The first day, I got 3 coupons for free cups of coffee at the Daily Grind. **Really good coffee!** The next day, I got some cool sparkly pens. The 3rd day, I got some cute pink and brown monogrammed note cards. And tonight, I got a new book. Perfect gifts for me, let me tell you.

Also, before the party started, I went to Kohl's and bought a few gifts for people on my list. I also found some cute napkin rings that look like a knife, fork and spoon. I LOVE them! I also got a Ray Charles Christmas cd and I had also picked out some really cute snowflake cloth napkins that were on sale for 60% off, but I didn't actually get home with them. Luckily, I checked my receipt and I didn't end up paying for them, either, so I guess that's OK. But I REALLY wanted those napkins! Then, I went to Pier 1 and bought more gifts for people on my list and myself 2 of the pink and red and white polka dot wine glasses I've been wanting. (I tried to put a link to the website, but I think I need to practice using this version of blogger more before I try that one.)

Oh yeah, and at the Christmas party? We got a nice little Christmas bonus. Nice. :) Yay! Now, I can buy Jason some Christmas presents while he's gone this week and he won't know how much $ I'm spending. :)