Saturday, December 02, 2006

Went to Urgent Care again today. Same problem as last time. Runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, etc. Stupid dr. told me it was a cold. Guess what, buddy? It is NOT a cold! Unless I get a cold almost exactly every 2 months. He even said "Who did you see last time? Looks like my handwriting." Yes. I saw you. And you gave me the same crappy service last time too. And yes, I know I need to quit going to urgent care and find a real doctor. One who will actually help me figure out WHY I keep getting sick instead of only treating the symptoms. I called to make an appt. with a dr. who is on my insurance plan. I called them in early September and the first appt they had available was Jan 24th. Ridiculous! Good thing I'm not dying, right? I am feeling crappy and cranky and need to go to sleep. See why I haven't posted in a while? Monday, I'm calling to find someone on my insurance plan who can see me this week. My luck they'll tell me to go to the allergy specialist again. I already did that and he tested me for about 40 different things and I wasn't allergic to one of them. But I sure wasn't having this problem when I lived in Oklahoma. That's it! I just need to move back home. :)