Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I took advantage of the after Christmas sales today and bought myself some Christmas dishes. Dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, a cake plate and a pitcher all for 70% off. Yay! They're a pretty blue and white snowflake pattern so I can use them all winter long, not just at Christmas. And after I got home, I decided to give fudge-making one last try. I've got a pan of my Pawpaw's peanut butter fudge in the fridge and also a pan of Amaretto fudge. The peanut butter fudge still didn't seem to get up to the temperature it was supposed to get to (232 degrees) no matter how long we cooked it. It even boiled over the side of the pan even though I had it on medium! I have never been so frustrated. We'll see whether or not they turn out.
Other than than shopping and making fudge, I didn't do anything else exciting. I had a nice day off today. I'm glad we only have to work 2 days and maybe 1/2 a day on Friday, so it shouldn't be too bad, but I would really enjoy sleeping late tomorrow! :)