Monday, October 16, 2006

Thanks so much for all the great comments on what to do about my co-teacher. I was pretty mad when I wrote that post and I'll admit I wasn't very nice. Now that I've calmed down some and had some time to reflect on the situation, I'm seeing things more clearly. No, I wasn't serious about trying to get her fired. I do know that they can't fire someone for their religious beliefs and she is not (so far) talking about her religion to the kids, so I guess she's OK for now. But she is way too harsh on the kids. (Trust me on this.) I'm no pushover by any means, but it's like she expects them to act like adults. I think she forgets that they are 3 years old. Some of them are newly 3 and still thinking like a 2 year old. I guess that's one of the main problems I have with her. When one sweet, almost-always-quiet little guy looks up with tears in his eyes and says "Ms. X, are you mad at us?", that just kills me! And that little scenario has happened more than once. I think I will talk to my boss about it and see what she says. I know she will appreciate the info and help me figure out how to deal w/the situation.