Monday, October 23, 2006

Now I remember why I don't cook late at night...

I waited until the last minute to cook something for class tomorrow. Pumpkin soup. (Sounds gross but it's good, I promise!) The recipe says to saute onions in chicken broth until softened, then transfer to a blender to puree until smooth. No problem. Easy enough. Nowhere did the directions say to let this mixture cool first, so I carefully poured the onion/broth mix into the blender using a funnel so I wouldn't burn myself. Then I put the lid on the blender and turned it on. Big mistake! The hot mixture made the plastic lid of my blender flex when I turned it on and I ended up with boiling hot liquid all over half my kitchen counter and all across both of my forearms. I screamed, somehow managed to turn the blender off, then stripped my shirt off right there in the kitchen. Jason was in the living room, watching the Dallas game and he heard the commotion and ran into the kitchen to see what I was hollering about. (Boy, did he get more than he bargained for when he came around the corner!) Luckily, I was wearing long sleeves so I didn't end up with too much of a burn, but it could have been pretty ugly. Oh yeah and the soup? Somehow I managed to grab the cumin instead of the cinnamon. I only got a few shakes in the pot before I figured out I had the wrong spice so I just put the cinnamon in and you really can't even tell. What a mess! Now I have to go clean the front of my kitchen cabinets and counter off. Then, I think I'll call it a day. That's enough excitement for one night. :)


M, J, B, G...and Sam. said...

Awww man..that stinks that you burned yourself! I hope you were wearing an apron like a good little cook?!!? I know you and I share a common LOVE for aprons and I have discovered some AMAZINGLY cute ones lately! Have you seen "The Breakup" with Jennifer Aniston? Well, the one she is wearing in that movie when she's preparing dinner for their dinner party is SO CUTE and I know where to get them! The only thing is...those half-apron ones don't really do anything for protecting your shirt...but still, they are pretty cute and sexy if you ask me!'d this turn into a comment about aprons? I was supposed to be telling you that I want the recipe for your pumpkin soup! hee hee. (minus the cumin! ha ha) Reading this post made me miss you SO MUCH! It was such a blast making all those cookie jars with you...I want to do it again! Remember how flour-ed we were when it was all done? HA HA I wish you could just come stay with me for a week or something. I know that's like completely impossible...but maybe someday. I promise to host a Pampered Chef show if you do! Okay...better end this before I take up all your comment space. (is there actually a limit?)
Love ya! Jen