Saturday, June 17, 2006

I had a problem with one of the kids in class this week. I won't really get into that story, but I'll just tell you that we had to send the kid to the office and write up a discipline report. (Not the first time for either of these things!) What I wanted to comment on is how my 2 supervisors backed me up. I had to talk to the kid's mom about his behavior and why he went to the office and needless to say, mom wasn't very happy. She got an attitude with me and I was worried that she'd talk to my bosses and try to make trouble for me later. When I reported back to my supervisors and gave them a word-by-word recount of the situation, they said I did everything right and that they were proud of the way I handled the situation. What is this?! Approval and support from your boss(es)? Wow! So that's what that feels like! Man, that's a great feeling. To know you've done well and done what is right and to have someone else recognize it and applaud you for it. That hasn't happened in a job I've worked at in a long time.