Wednesday, September 21, 2005

First of all, let me say in advance...forgive the punctuation mistakes in this. I tend to really screw up big time in that department when I'm typing fast and very tired. :) OK? Good. Here we go.

Some of the people I have told about the "Cooking Club incident" have suggested that I try again. Only this time, they say I should give more info about what a cooking club does. And also, I should have the meeting at a better time, say on a weekend or earlier in the evening.

What bugs me about this is that the meeting last time was clearly posted as being an information meeting and if you don't know what a cooking club is or does don't you think you should go to the information meeting and find out? Secondly, who's to say that if I do set this all up again that anyone would bother to show up?

I know I had some really good ideas and it would have worked beautifully if Michelle, Jenni, Kristin, Katie and Bonnie were there. But since they're in OK, and I'm not, there goes my ideal cooking club! :) What do you say, ladies? Would you try again if you were me? Or should I wait until I have some definite members in mind at a later time?
I'm listening. :)

Oh, and speaking of listening. You should all go to right this very minute and hear his awesome song "Who Did You Think I Was". I listened to it about 6 times before I went to work today. I heart John Mayer. But not nearly as much as I heart my hubby. :) (Gee, I'm slick, aren't I?)

Note to Mr.'s OK honey. If Paz Vega ever comes knocking at our door, I give you permission to run away with her. I know she's your pretend celebrity girlfriend and you know what? I'm OK with that. :) Love you!