Sunday, July 17, 2005

Here's what I packed for our lunch yesterday.

Yesterday, I had the great idea to pack a picnic lunch and go over to Front Royal. We went to a bookstore (where we bought 14 books! 12 of which were mine), then we went for a drive in the Shenandoah National Park. Skyline Drive is 101 miles of scenic drive through the Blueridge Mountains. It is absolutely beautiful! We stopped to eat our humongous sandwiches at a picnic area just inside the park. Then we proceeded to drive through the park and enjoy the wildlife. Wouldn't you know...the camera died right after I took a picture of our sandwiches! Too bad about the camera, because yesterday we got to see some black bears up close and personal. We were about 10-15 feet from two beautiful black bears cub as they were eating lunch on the side of the road. We also saw a huge turkey, a squirrel, several hawks and a bunch of deer. A little further down the road, Jason saw a mama bear and her cubs running across the the road. I didn't get to see the mama, but I did catch a glimpse of the last little cub scurrying across the road and struggling over a rock wall. It was so cute! Then,while we stopped for dinner, we even had a buck come up and sniff our car windows. Guess he was hungry too! He got so close, I still have deer slobber on my car windows! What a day! It was absolutely beautiful! I wish we would have had our camera batteries charged, because we lost out on some great photo ops yesterday! But that's OK. We'll be sure to take it next time...and that's a sure way to make sure we don't even see one animal when we go. Ha!ha!
Hope everyone has a great week!