Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Good morning! I can't believe I finally have a minute to sit down and post an entry. We are in the middle of moving right now and life is chaotic. And the worst part of it is that I can't find time to post regularly. It's so bad that I have actually had to start writing things down so I won't forget to blog about them. For example, I have a list on my dresser that says "yellow flowers, missing cake, and patio decorations." What do these thing have in common? Nothing, except they are topics of blog entries that I want to remember to make. (I know, I'm weird.)

Yellow flowers...I was talking to my niece this weekend and she was really on a roll. She just talked, talked, talked for the longest time about whatever she could think of to talk about and I just loved every minute of it. She was outside on the cordless phone and she said "Know what? We have the most beeeauuuuu-tiful yellow flowers in our front yard." Of course, I said "Wow! Cool, did mom go to the store and get some flowers to plant?" Funny, my sister didn't say anything about planting new flowers. She replied, "Nope. They grew just grew here." She was talking about dandelions! Funny how the flowers most gardeners think of as weeds are seen by kids to be the most beeeauuuu-tiful flowers in the whole garden. It's all just a matter of perspective, I guess.

Missing cake...how do you know your house is a mess? When you can lose an entire store-bought angel food cake in your kitchen. I bought the stuff for strawberry shortcake and was all prepared to enjoy it after our Sunday lunch, but I couldn't find the cake. I searched all over my kitchen (which isn't actually THAT messy). Did I put it in the pantry? Nope. Was it hiding in our refrigerator? No. Was it in the bread box? Nope, wouldn't fit. That's when it hit me...I bet the cat did something with it. Sure enough, she had knocked the cake off the counter and slid it under the baker's rack. Guess kitty thought she was going to have herself a treat. Now I really know what she's up to when I'm at work. :)

Patio decorations...well, as I said, we are in the middle of moving. Mr. Crafty's truck is out of comission until later this week (needs a new tire and it won't be here until thien). So, we've had to do all of our moving with my car. (Luckily for us, my car has a huge trunk!) So we have gradually moved several boxes over to the new house and are unpacking them as we go. One of the loads we took this weekend included our holiday decorations. I needed something to do while Mr. Crafty installed the miniblinds throughout the house, so I decorated our deck with red, white and blue party lights. We may not have a bit of furniture in our new house yet, but by golly we have party lights! :) When he was done hanging the blinds, we took some lawn chairs out on the deck and watched the sunset over the mountains. We talked about how much we are going to love it in our new house and how happy we were together. It's almost our one-year wedding anniversary and since we just recently came back from Chicago (for his birthday) and purchased a house, we decided we couldn't really afford to go anywhere special. I think I've got all the "somewhere special" I need. On the deck of my new house with my very best friend.
:) Happy 1 Year Anniversary, honey! (No more moving this next year, please?!?!)