Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I got a new keychain today. Big deal, right? Well, actually it is. It's my Weight Watchers 10% keychain. Yay, me! It's taken a while, but I finally did it. it's time to set one more goal. Gotta think about that one for a while. The goal I'm thinking of is only 7lbs away. That sounds reasonable. But I'm sure I won't be losing any while I'm in Oklahoma next week! I'm going to be cooking a lot though. Maybe I'll cook some WW meals and see if my sister notices. I bet she won't. All my favorite WW recipes are SO good! I'll post some on the recipes page when I get a chance. Have a great day everyone!
P.S. OK, Kristin, it's your turn now! :) I know you can do it!