Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Hello all! I sure have missed my computer these last few weeks! We still don't have internet access at home...waiting on Verizon to mail us our modem. HURRY UP ALREADY! But I finally made it down to the local library and got a card so I can use the computer here for a while. Posting will continue to be sporadic (if at all) until Verizon gets that modem to me.

The move went well. We didn't run into any bad weather like we had originally feared, so we were very happy. We finally got all (well, most) of our boxes unpacked and have even made a few friends here already. I think we will really like it here in Virginia.

Oh yeah, by the way, Pumpkin didn't like being cooped up in a cat carrier for two days straight, but she made it to VA just fine too.

Jason continues to enjoy his job. I haven't really started looking for one yet, but I'm sure I'll get on the ball soon.

Our apartment is really cute. Probably one of my favorite places I've lived so far. And trust me, I've lived in quite a few rentals! We are currently still working with a great real estate agent. Now that we've got a place to live for at least 6 months, we are thinking about trying to build a new house instead of buy an existing one. Both of us really like the idea of building so that hopefully we can get exactly what we want.

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting here in Virginia. I was really worried that with all the junk food I had eaten in the past few weeks during the move, that I would have really packed on the pounds. NOPE! I actually LOST two pounds! YAY! So, that brings my grand total of pounds lost to 18.8! YAY again!

That's about all for me, I guess. You can be sure I'll post whenever I can, but that probably won't be very often.