Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Random thought: Ordering pizza online (in my opinion) is lazy. But I do it and often. Why? Because I don't want to get off of my butt and go get the cordless phone. (See, lazy.) Also, I like being able to type in my order and not have to speak to the mouth-breather that works at my local pizza joint. And I LOVE the convenience factor. Here I am, already in my leopard-print flannel pjs, and I'm hungry. Solution? Well, you're already online, just type in your order. Why is any of this blog worthy? I'm not sure it is, actually. But if convenience is a factor for me ordering my dinner online, doesn't it kind of cancel it out when EVERY STINKING time I order pizza, the delivery person has to call my home and ask for directions?! EVERY TIME!

In other news, you probably couldn't tell by my earlier, hunger-induced rantings, but I had a very wonderful day today. I got up early and drove to my friend's house and we went and had a massage.

Quite a while before my friend and I scheduled our appointments, I stumbled upon this blog describing a massage. I got worried. Check it out, you'll see what I mean. tequila mockingbird

By the way, my massage was WONDERFUL! Not at all weird, like I feared. And nothing even remotely like mockingbird's experience. Thank goodness!

NOTE: This previously stated that my friend and I had an "assage". No, we did not. Don't want to know if there is really such thing as an "assage". Let the record show that we had a wonderful MASSAGE. :) Too funny!
Thanks J, for pointing that out!

Hmm...might be a useful phrase though. "Wow! Would you look at the assage on that hot waiter?!" Sorry. Couldn't resist. Hey, M. Does the waiter with the lickable face have cute assage going on? Just wondering. :)