Saturday, December 11, 2004

OK, so I finally watched Moulin Rouge last night. I didn't like it nearly as much as I like Chicago.

Speaking of Chicago, let me tell you a dream I had about one of the songs in that movie. It is hilarious!

First off, let me give you a little background info about me. Trust me, it's relevant to the following message.

I have never watched a full episode of either "Survivor" or "American Idol".
I love to sing, but don't think I do it very well. Trust me, these things pertain to my dream. :)

So anyway, in my dream, I am one of the last remaining contestants in a Survivor-like show. It's down to me and this other skanky, show-off-y type girl, whom I immediately hate cause she obviously thinks she's better than me. (Even in my dreams, I am wary of the pretty, popular girl. Hehe)

So, our directions are, to sing a song of our choosing. Every one of the booted-off contestants has told me "oh, you're so sweet." "You're so innocent." "I'm sure you're going to win." etc. (No, I don't actually believe this of myself, but in real life, I do get a lot of comments like this. It's true...don't laugh!) So, to prove them wrong, I decide I'm going to sing a song that will show them that I'm not as sweet, wholesome and innocent as they've made me out to be.

But first, the other girl gets up and sings her song. It's like Celine Dion...complete with the chest thumping, warbling finish and everything. (OK, that's not fair. Really, I like Celine, I do. But that one gesture has GOT to go!) The skanky girl gets a crazy amount of applause in this funky dream and I'm sure I'm doomed.

My turn. I get up there and decide to sing (on the spur of the moment) a song from the movie "Chicago". Yeah, Queen Latifah would have been proud! I decide to sing "When You're Good To Mama" (Mama's Good to You)...complete with low-cut dress and shaking my bosom in the judges' faces. Yeah. Can you believe it!?!? (Those people who actually know me in real life are dying laughing right now.) So, I finish the song to complete and utter silence. The audience and judges are blown away by my vocal performance, as well as the seemingly abrupt change in personality.

Needless to say, I win and am crowned the next American Idol. WEIRD!!! Let me be the first to comment on how utterly and totally weird this dream is. I can't even manage to sing in public, much less sing a bawdy song, ripe with double entendres like this one. But whatever. You are now reading the blog of America's next American Idol.

You know you wish you were me! :)

For the record, NO I do not have a hidden desire to become the next American Idol and no, I do not sing in public. Not even karaoke! Thus, the weirdness of this dream.