Monday, December 20, 2004

All the cool kids know how to do it. Will someone tell me how to insert a link in my blog text? You know, where the text is a different color or underlined or something and you click on it and are taken to another page? I am still learning things every day about blogging, and this is one thing I've seen on other people's blogs and I would really love to know how too. Oh, there are so many things I would like to do but don't know how.

Let me make a list and see how many of these I can learn in a month. (Forgive me if I don't know the correct terminology for things. I'm still learning, I told ya!)

1. Learn how to do links to other pages in my text.
2. Update the "Books on my Nightstand" selections.
3. Add a seperate page for my recipes. And maybe one for my photos too.
4. Learn how to change the "About Me" section to make it easier to read and less jumbled up.
5. Archive my posts by month, rather than week. (or whatever it is now.)
6. Learn how to add titles for my posts. (maybe)
7. Learn how to use strikeout-type text. (I may already have the code, but don't know for sure how to get it to work properly. I'll work on this one.)
8. Add a wishlist feature.
9. Add more people to my blogroll.

I think that's it. How many of these can you help me with? :)
How does one go about learning this stuff? Should I buy a book? Annoy other fellow bloggers with questions like this? (Yeah, that would make me REAL popular!)