Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Aaahhh. I cannot wait until we have a house of our own! One that we own. Not rent. Here's why: (Warning! It's a long story and it falls under the category of TMI...Too much information!!! Read further, if you dare!)

[Bear with me, as the effects of my bath-time drink of choice may have left me incapable of using correct grammar, punctuation, etc. Ha!ha!]

OK, so as we established from the cat-in-the-tub story a few weeks ago, I like to take long baths with a book and a drink.

And, as noted in an earlier post, I had a headache. A raging, throbbing, pounding headache that would have brought a man to his knees, begging for relief. Typical headache for me, though, so I did what I always do.

I combined a few of my favorite home remedies in hope of a little pain relief. I drew a bubble bath, got one of my favorite, fluffy "Calgon, take me away", chick-lit novels, poured a drink, shut the door (to ward off any would-be bathing beauty kitty cats) and settled in to bubbles up to my chin for some good reading time.

Well, as luck would have it, I was actually very engrossed in my novel and managed to drink all of my wonderful pain-relief concoction. So, I did what any die-hard bathtub reader would do. I grabbed my bath robe and padded to the kitchen to make myself another drink. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I actually got out of the tub and made a drink. Then I got back in the tub and settled down for Reading Round #2. Can you believe it? Yes, this only affirms the fact that I think reading paperback novels in the tub is the best sort of relaxation on the planet.

ANYWAY! I was thoroughly involved in my novel when I heard this strange sound. I strained my ears to figure out what this noise was that I was suddenly hearing. Know what it was? My neighbor in the other half of the duplex, peeing into the toilet. Needless to say, that quickly ruined the relaxing mood of my bath and I hurriedly got out of the bath and into my p.j.s. EWWWWW!!! GROSS!!!!!

This lead to me wanting to take another bath to scrub my body and mind of the idea of the seventy-something year-old neighbors in the bathroom. But, since I was already squeaky clean, I decided against that and thought "I'm blogging that." Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have a problem. :)

Hope your night was more peaceful than mine!

A very relaxed and no-longer headache troubled Amy