Monday, November 22, 2004

I have just been reading other people's blogs on Blogger and I am truly amazed at what some people think is worthy of taking up space on the internet. Yes, I realize this seems judgmental and snobbish of me, but I have also just spent the last 30 minutes reading numerous blogs that were absolutely not worth my time. So, I have composed the following helpful hints for those wanting to start their own blog.

CraftyLilDevil's Blogging Hints

1. Please know how to spell and follow basic grammar and punctuation rules.

2. Refrain from using so much shorthand that your sentence looks like a foreign language. (Even I say "lol" and the like, but not EVERY STINKING SENTENCE!)

3. Do not have annoying, cutesy little cursors or music of any kind. This only serves to be, well, annoying and disgustingly bothersome.

4. Do have something positive to say. At least every once in a while. I'm no Pollyanna myself, but 6 months of angsty, tormented blog entries should be reason enough to seek medical attention.

And finally,

5. Never, under any circumstances, does anyone want to see a photoblog of your dusty old collectibles. I'm talking salt and pepper shakers here, folks. Yes, that is a new one for me. Never seen so many types of salt and pepper shakers in my life and that is certainly something I could live without. Unless it's very interesting and/or funny, please use your digital camera and photoblog space for something else.

OK, yes, I know, I am a snob. No, I do not find my blog to be particularly spectacular or even all that funny, but at least I try. Which is more than I can say for the salt and pepper and pain and angst folks.

Note to self: Do not use that "Next Blog" button again. Ever. Read your hand-selected and truly exemplary blogs and remain blissfully ignorant of the drivel that is out there.

Anyone have any other suggestions that I should add to my list?