Wednesday, November 17, 2004

All I wanted was a relaxing, hot bath tonight...yeah right! Relaxing, my foot!

It started out well.I put in the stopper, turned on the water, and poured in my favorite bubble bath. Then, while the tub was filling, I decided to make myself something nice and warm to drink. I just bought a new Chai latte mix that I'd been wanting to try and thought it would feel good on my newly scratchy throat. I made my drink in my favorite mug, grabbed a Glamour magazine and hopped in the tub.

(insert peaceful sigh here.)

While soaking in my wonderful bath, sipping my yummy latte, I happened to notice that I left the bathroom door open. No big deal, I thought, as I am the only one in the house right now, with the exception of my lovely, playful kitty. BIG. MISTAKE.

Said kitty decides she wants to drink my latte, jumps on the side of the tub and tries to stick her furry little face in my favorite coffee mug. Not wanting to share, I yelled at her to get down. Big mistake number 2. I scared her and in trying to escape her mean, yelling mommy, she fell into my nice bubble bath. Now, I have a magazine in one hand, a hot latte in the other, and one very pissed off kitty in the bathtub with me!

Now, she's scrambling to get out, I'm sloshing over to the other side of the tub to avoid getting clawed, and trying to help her out at the same time. She makes it out of the tub and streaks off under my bed to sulk. Meanwhile, the peace and quiet of my bath time is over and I'm left with a half soggy magazine.

And I thought cats were supposed to be easier than dogs!

Lessons learned:
1) Do not attempt to drink a hot beverage and read a magazine at the same time while taking a bath.
2) If you do attempt this, for heaven's sake "SHUT THE DOOR!!!!"

Oh yeah, and when I went to rinse out my cup and put it in the sink, my cat had knocked the bag of latte mix on the floor and chewed holes in the bag, leaving me with a ruined bag of latte mix (that I had to transfer to another container in order to keep it fresh) and a mess to clean up in the kitchen floor! Damn cat!