Sunday, August 22, 2004

I'm bored. It's Sunday afternoon and my normal message board I frequent is just plain boring! I usually lurk on the Weight Watchers boards because some of the stuff they discuss on them is downright hilarious. All those newbies agonizing over which type of bread is lowest in points, blah, blah, blah. Get over it people! Just read the nutritional info on the label and figure it out for yourself! On the other hand, the general thread (no Weight Watchers questions allowed there) gets to be a little much for me too. Some of the regulars have a really twisted sense of humor. Funny for a while, but somehow just not what I'm looking for today. Wish it was cooler, I'd go for a bike ride.

Speaking of Weight Watchers...they're unveiling a new program this week. Am sick and tired of all the speculating going on in the boards. Will be sure to stay off them for a week or so til the hype dies down.

Tried a new church w/DH today. A little too much "old-time religion" for our tastes. We want something a little more contemporary, but not too wild and crazy. Will keep trying and hopefully we will find where we fit in.

Think I'll try to change over to a new blog template today. Wonder if I can find one I like that is pink and girly (and free). Just in one of those kind of moods today.